Do I need a Form I-130 for each family member?

Yes. In general, you need to submit a separate Form I-130 petition for each family member.

In most cases, when your husband’s or wife’s place in line is reached and he/she applies to immigrate, his or her unmarried children under 21 can apply as dependents. That means that you do not absolutely need to file a separate petition for each child. However, if the child marries or turns 21 before immigrating, he/she will no longer be eligible as a dependent. So we recommend you consider filing separate petitions for each child. A separate petition keeps the child’s place in line among sons and daughters of permanent residents waiting to immigrate.
If your unmarried child has a child, your grandchild can apply for an immigrant visa with your son or daughter as their dependent if your son/daughter remains unmarried and your grandchild remains under age 21 and unmarried.

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